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    Do I have to learn to read music?

    No. Although learning to read music has many benefits, it is not required. Your lesson will always be tailored to your goals, and whether you learn to read is ultimately up to you.

    Which guitar is right for me?

    This depends on a variety of factors. Some considerations are 1) what style of music you wish to play; 2) your age (for example, younger students may need a “3/4” size guitar); and, of course, your budget. Damian can make a personalized recommendation once these factors are discussed.

    How can I take my playing to the next level?

    There are so many ways you can take the next step. You can bring new life to your rhythm playing with upper level chord extensions; you can break out of the same dull scale patterns with a huge variety of exotic scales; you can use arpeggios to create sweeping guitar licks, and play hotter (and faster!) than you ever thought possible. You can also learn the musical “shortcuts” that will enable you to segue from rock to blues to country to classical with ease.

    Am I too old to learn?

    No! Damian has taught many older students. As long as you are willing to practice the right way (and Damian will show you how), you’ll be playing sooner and better than you can believe.

    How long will it take me to learn to play?

    That depends on what your goals are, and of course on how hard you practice. Damian will give you all the instruction (and shortcuts) you need to be playing in almost no time. In fact, you’ll be making music your very first day!

    How old should my child be to start learning?

    Again, this depends on your and your child’s goals. Damian has had great success with children who begin learning at about the age of eight, but younger students, if properly motivated and encouraged, can both learn and have a lot of fun!

    I think I’m tone deaf. Can you help?

    Damian has never personally encountered anyone who is really tone deaf. It’s true that some people have more natural ability than others, but Damian is a firm believer that anyone, regardless of age or “natural talent,” can learn to play – and play well. So take a deep breath, and give it a try. You might just surprise yourself!

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